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I am DJNUTTALL and I hope to show you how to make money online at home without being scammed by a bunch of so-called A-Listers.

My main goal is to show you how to make money online for almost free. There are a few tools that you will need but to start with it is essential that you learn the basics first and spend money later on you online business.

Many of the tips I will be sharing come from those people that have and are teaching me the correct methods of making money online. I will be crediting these people and making my recommendations as to the internet business people that are going to tell it to you straight. many of these people like myself do not make the bulk of there money by running these make money online websites. But we feel it is our obligation to show you how to make a full time living from your home online the correct way.

I started to work full time on the internet almost three years ago. I hooked onto what is considered some of the top A-listers on the web.  I did not know that how they became so wealthy was by scamming people like me out of thousands and thousands of dollars. I became flat broke and they were no longer anywhere to be found. They were not my friends. They were total scammers. But they had the gift of gab as long as I was willing to throw money their way.

Fortunately I was not willing to quit and found a great team of people who truly do care about my success and the only thing they require is that I pay it forward.

I owe these people my respect and give it willingly.

I hope you have not already been beaten up by the scammers on the internet and if you have those days are behind you know.

From time to time, I will be recommending tools for you to use to grow your business. Whether you buy them or not is totally up to you. That does not mean that I am going to work any less for you. I know some of you are flat broke and can not get tools for your business until you make money first. I have been there too, so I do understand.

I am only here to help you learn how to make money online at home. When I find a new resource that helps me and I know can help you or is better than I at doing certain things, I will point you to it. If it looks like I am trying to scam you than call me out and we can have a discussion about it. That is why there is a comment section.

May we all become friend and co-workers.


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